Masayoshi Shimizu 2006 Press Release

Below is the press release for the Mr. Masayoshi Shimizu "Master Class" Workshop (Nov. 29, 2006) provided by the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society. For more information contact us!

Mr. Masayoshi Shimizu conducts a "Master Class" Workshop

The Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society is pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. Masayoshi Shimizu from Iwade City, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Mr. Shimizu will arrive on November 27 to orchestrate the second firing of the Kiln Walk's "Historic", 32-foot Anagama kiln located in Holley-Navarre, Florida.

Events include Mr. Masayoshi Shimizu conducting a "Master Class" Workshop and Slide Presentation at the University of West Florida on Wednesday, November 29, 2006. In addition, the University will host a reception in Mr. Shimizu's honor Friday, December 1, at the Japan Center, also located on the University of West Florida's main campus.

Activities associated with the second firing of this historic Anagama kiln located in Holley-Navarre will begin December 2, 2006.

Scheduled events include:
 -   December 2-4, 2006 - Glazing the ceramic art and loading it into the kiln
 -   December 4, 2006 - The "Ceremonial Lighting" of the Anagama kiln
 -   December 16, 2006 - Kiln opening beginning at 9:00 a.m.
 -   December 16, 2006 - 1st Annual "Woodstoke" Pottery Festival 9-4:00.

In celebration of the opening this year, the Kiln Walk Society will conduct its 1st annual "Woodstoke Pottery Festival." Society members and select potters from the Gulf Coast will be exhibiting and selling their unique works of art throughout the opening of the Anagama kiln on December 16, 2006.

Art Collectors may reserve a Work of Art from this Historic firing for the pre-purchase price of $75. All pre-purchased art pieces will be dated and marked with a seal representing the Prefecture of Wakayama, Japan, and a seal the second firing of the Anagama. Certificates of authenticity will also be provided for each piece purchased.

Download (click) the 2006 Press Release and Additional 2006 Information:
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