2005 First Anagama Construction

DVD, Part 1

This 4- segment video documents the creation of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society to the building of the first kiln, the 'Anagama'. Duration ~ 5 min. This is the first segment. Continue with Part 2 ...

Lang Holloman: "This is the very beginning of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society's endeavor to form and build their first project - 'Anagama'. The Anagama is a wood fired kiln design which used in the firing of potter's. International Pottery artist from around the world participating in firing of their works, with a large turn-out of Southeast Regional Artists as well. The process was 7 days of firing and 7 days of cooling. The works were phenomenal and will never forget."

Canon Video (GL2) footage(2005), Canon Lenses, Bogan/Manfrotto Pods, Seinnheiser Mics, & Editing (Final Cut Studio): Lang Holloman - vert3.com

Note that this text is from Lang Holloman's Youtube page, which hosts this video. He published it Jan 11, 2009.