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2008-01-13 to 01-16 Load the Anagama
 Sun., Jan. 13, - Weds., Jan. 16, 2008
glaze and load ware.
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2008-01-16, Weds. Fire the Anagama

The Kiln will be lit and firing will take approximately 5 days.
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2008-02-02 Saturday Anagama kiln Opening
WoodStoke Pottery Fest
The Groundhog kiln will be opened, pots removed. On display will be work of the Kiln Walk Members and Heritage Vendors food and hot drinks. Some of the pots might be for sale. The festival is Free. 9:00 AM to 4:PM.
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2008-01-14 to 02/04 Show of the Kiln Walk Anagama Pots

The Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation will showcase a unique display of pottery created by over 30 artists from the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society from wood-fueled kilns.

at the Santa Rosa Arts & Cultural Society Dragonfly Gallery, Milton, FL
Dragonfly Gllry, Milton
2008-02-26 Tues. Phillips Groundhog kiln Reconstruction

Initial Session. John Rezner from Fairhope Alabama is heading up the project for this weekend.
9:AM til ...
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2008-03-28 to 03-30 Phillips Groundhog kiln Reconstruction

John Rezner and crew resumed work on the Groundhog kiln on Sunday and Monday. Preparations are being made to put the arch on the kiln.
Friday, March 28 - Sunday March 30 9:AM til ...
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2008-04-18 Fri- Sun. Phillips Groundhog kiln Reconstruction

The long awaited rails arrived for the groundhog kiln. Work resumed Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.
Friday, April 18 - Sunday April 20 9:AM til ...
KilnWalk Navarre, FL

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