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2009-11-21 Clay Day
 9:00 AM to 4:PM.
PJC Pensacola
2009-06-30, Saturday Kiln Walk Society Meeting

Planning for e.g. Clay Day (above) and the 2010 Gulf Coast Clay Conf.
4 to 7:PM.
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2009-02-28, Saturday Phillips Groundhog kiln Opening
WoodStoke Pottery Fest
The Groundhog kiln will be opend and pots removed. Some might be for sale and there will be food and drink. The festival is Free. 9:00 AM to 4:PM
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2009-02-12 to 02-28 2009 Phillips Groundhog Schedule

   Glazing and Loading Feb. 12- 14,

   First Firing beginsSun. Feb 15

   OpeningSat. 2009-02-28

   See Woodstoke above.
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2009-01-09, Sat. to Sun. 01/11 Phillips Groundhog kiln Reconstruction

Final Session. The roof to be finished and the clay layered on the arch. The bricks from the historical Phillips kiln will be prepared and installed over the firebrick core. Members will also split and stack firewood for the inaugural firing.
9:AM til ...
KilnWalk Navarre, FL

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