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2010-09-02 Opening Exhibition of the Permanent Collection PSC Pensacola
2010-02-13, Saturday Woodstoke Festival

The Anagama will be opened;
Some pottery and Kiln Walk logo
mugs, cups and bowls will be for sale.
KilnWalk Navarre, FL
2010-02-11, Saturday Gulf Coast Clay Conference
The first clay conference will include talks and demo.s by John Britt, Bill Clover, Patrick Bodine, Steve Dark, Anne Webb and Jason Stokes;
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PSC Pensacola
2010-01-20 2010 Anagama Firing Schedule

   Glazing and Loading Jan. 20- 23,

   Firing beginsSun. Jan. 24

   OpeningSat. 2010-02-13

   See Woodstoke above.
KilnWalk Navarre, FL

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