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2018-02-07 to 9 2018 Gulf Coast Clay Conference
Pensacola State College and the Kiln Walk Society welcomes presenters Randy Johnston and Jan McKeachie Johnston
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2018 January Kiln Firing Schedule:

Glaze and Load
  RHP groundhog: Sat. Jan. 13 and Sun. Jan. 14th
  Anagama:          Jan. 19 
  groundhog: Jan. 19, 20 and 21
  Anagama:   Jan. 22 for ~5 days

Visitors are welcome!
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 State College
2018-02-10 Sat. Annual "WoodStoke" Fest & Kiln Openings
The 32' Anagama and the Historical Ralph Howard Phillips "Southern Groundhog" will be opened. Pots fired in January will be removed from the hot kilns for viewing and many shall be available for purchase. The much anticipated Seafood and Chili Cook off will spice the air and appetites! All visitors are welcome. Food and drinks to be available.
 Kiln Walk,
 Navarre, FL

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