The Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society

MEDIA: Photos and Videos

Below are video and photos. Enjoy!


1. Design and construction of the Anagama
Documents the creation of the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society to the building of the first kiln, the 'Anagama'.
- 5 min. -

2. Brian Harper - Anagama Build & Use
Brian Harper discusses several aspects in the 'Anagama' design and construction as well as historical information concerning its origins. This is an intimate and up-close discussion with the kiln and its builder.- 10 min. -

3. Closing the Anagama / Preparing to Fire
This segment follows the building of the door, stoke holes, and paper/slip covered on the door in preparation for the firing ceremony.- 7 min.-

4. Don Reitz & Brian Harper Discussion Session Following the Lighting Ceremony
Don Reitz and Brian Harper answer questions from attendees of the official lighting ceremony on the 'Anagama'. Don gives advice on what to expect when firing and offers some wisdom from a true master. - 7 min. -

5. Alchemy: Portrait of a Wood Fire Kiln
Video trailer for the Alchemy documentary Patti Newton has directed (co-directed by Thomas Lumpkin) . - 3 min. 15 sec. -

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2017 Alchemy Premire & Opening of the GCKW kilns

2016 ECCC Photo Contest

2014 Opening of the GCKW kilns

2008 Anagama Firing Gallery

Building the Anagama Gallery