MEDIA: Photos and Videos

Below are video and photos. Enjoy!.


1.  Anagama Construction, First video
Includes the creation of the Society and the design and construction for the 'Anagama'.

2.  Anagama Construction, Part 2
Brian Harper discusses the Anagama design, construction and historical background. Brian played a lead role in the design and construction project.

3.  Closing the Anagama / Preparing to Fire
Final steps before the initial firing.

4.  Don Reitz & Brian Harper Discussion
Don Reitz and Brian Harper discuss the Anagama and answer questions from attendees of the inaugural lighting ceremony.


Click for a slide show:

2017 Alchemy Premire & Opening of the GCKW kilns

2016 ECCC Photo Contest

2014 Opening of the GCKW kilns

2008 Anagama Firing Gallery

2005 Anagama Construction Photos Gallery